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“When witches go riding, and black bats are seen,

the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween.”

Pumpkin Inu Perks


Daily raffles ensure a steady user base with a fun environment to propel community activity.

Tax Free

No tokens are taxed or burned when bought/sold, which means more power to the users.


Our smart contracts used are tried and true to protect all users from any malicious threats.


This project was created with the idea of the community first. Be a part of it.


With plenty of funds at hand, the community decides what should be spent on what, as it should be.


Be a bounty hunter and collect rewards by completing desired tasks from developers.


Pumpkin Inu Token Sale


Contact Us

We highly suggest to use Telegram in order to contact the developers for support, as this method may be delayed.

PumpKin Inu


October 2021

  • PumpKin Inu Token Launch

    This will be introduced on Unicrypt while having the proper KYC & Audits done in advance for the individuals security.

  • PumpKin Inu Global Marketing Blitz X

    Much is planned to bring exposure to PumpKin Inu from paid sponsorships & influencers, to even basic shill contests!

  • Halloween NFT Collection Release X

    Who will collect all the costume sets first? You can earn free NFTs by LP for PumpKin Inu or doing bounties!

  • Special Trick or Treat Surprise X

    What could this be? You have to wait and see!

November 2021

  • Website Redesign X

    This will be frequent as we plan to upkeep on seasonal themes for marketing purposes & expansion.

  • Thanksgiving NFT Collection Release X

    All Unicrypt presale partaker's will be airdropped some new seasonal NFT's as they are released!

  • Turkey Hunting Special X

    More on this will be released as we draw closer to Thanksgiving Holiday, so be prepared!

  • Christmas Preparations X

    This will include yet again another updated website theme with plenty of marketing backing the changes.

HODLER Tiers (more to come)

Which Tier Are You?

Pump Tier

100M Tokens
  • 3 NFT Airdrops
  • 3 Bounty Points
  • 3 Free Raffle Draws

Kin Tier

300M Tokens
  • 13 NFT Airdrops
  • 13 Bounty Points
  • 13 Free Raffle Draws


Legal Disclaimer

There is no guarantee that the utility of PUMPKIN tokens described in the Whitepaper will be delivered.

By participating in PumpKin Inu, you understand that this project is purely community driven & should be treated as such. You agree to not hold any developers, team members, or community members liable.

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